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Parrilo, 2000, thesis - MIT Electrical Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. Structured Semide nite Programs and Semialgebraic Geometry Methods in Robustness and Optimization Thesis by Pablo A. Parrilo In Partial Ful llment of the

Pouchet's thesis - UCLA Computer Science Research area: Power System Analysis, Stability, and Control, Flexible AC Transmission Lines (FACTS), Power System Planning and Operation, Optimization ques, Evolutionary Algorithms, Neuro-Fuzzy Control and Hybrid Intellent Systems, Reactive Power Control and Voltage Stability. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY. Specialty Computer Science. Louis-Noël POUCHET. Subject ITERATIVE OPTIMIZATION. IN THE. POLYHEDRAL MODEL. Thesis.

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Parrilo, 2000, <strong>thesis</strong> - MIT
Pouchet's <i>thesis</i> - UCLA Computer Science
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